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Many government contractors are facing more False Claims Act allegations or allegations of fraudulent procurement actions.  However, companies and individuals approach the situation in a way that leads to further government investigations and sometimes criminal charges. Companies without the proper legal advice or those not aware of their rights can be in serious trouble.

The law offices of Watson & Associates, LLC provides high-level Federal False Claims Act defense lawyers for federal government contractors involved in Whistleblower law cases, White Collar Crime, and procurement fraud cases. We understand that clients want to know their choices up front and to develop a plan of action that leaves room for developing an effective legal defense.

Without the proper legal advice, it is almost impossible to overcome the Department of Justice’s aggressive efforts to stop contractor allegations of defrauding the government. Getting help with subpoenas and responding to the government’s request is essential to how a criminal case came end up.

Develop a high-level defense team: When federal contractors face criminal charges or suspension and debarment, we develop a defense team that address the serious issues that can potentially cripple the company or end up with jail time. Keeping our clients involved in the process is critical. We have criminal defense attorneys on board, government contract lawyers that understand the substantive issues and a support staff that handles the necessary tools to get through process.

With law offices in Washington, DC and Colorado, our FCA defense lawyer provides high-level legal services by assembling a team of experienced attorneys that understand the various steps in the process. See 31 USC 3729 –3733 The law firm helps clients to: 

  • Defend against the Agency’s mere accusation of a scheme
  • Overcome Agency failure to meet the burden of proof
  • Avoid pitfalls of using a FOIA request to prove your case
  • Renew your company’s reputation
  • Minimize the possibility of criminal penalties
  • Capture commonly overlooked defenses to a false claims charge.
  • Properly defend your case if due to properly exercised business judgment

Qui Tam Lawyer Defense & Whistleblower Attorney Defense Services 

False claims can arise from a variety of reasons in federal government contracting. For example allegations of defense contractor fraud for violating SBA 8(a) program regulations or HUBZone laws could lead to false claims charges. When employees of other contractors file Whistleblower cases, you want and FCA lawyer that understands not only criminal law but also the unique areas in federal procurement. These are situations where our qui tam lawyers and  Whistleblower Attorneys can help.

Criminal False Claims statute violations can stem from a variety of situations including bid rigging, defective pricing, cross charging, product defects and submitting fraudulent invoices. Our DC False Claims Act defense attorneys and qui tam attorneys have experience in government procurement from both working for the other side and representing contractors.

Our procurement and Whistleblower lawyer services include representation in:

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When an agency such as the Department of Justice launches an investigation for defense contractor fraud against contractors for false claim and white collar crime violations, you have to be adequately prepared to respond to claims by whistleblowers without waiving your legal rights. At Watson,  our FCA lawyers also help your civil lawyer to understand the unique rules of federal contracting laws.

What are the legal elements of the False Claims Act?

  • Knowingly presenting (or causing to be presented) to the federal government a false or fraudulent claim for payment;
  • Knowingly using (or causing to be used) a false record or statement to get a claim paid by the federal government;
  • Conspiring with others to get a false or fraudulent claim paid by the federal government;
  •  Knowingly using (or causing to be used) a false record or statement to conceal, avoid, or decrease an obligation to pay money or transmit property to the federal government

What Are the Statutes Of Limitations for Filing a False Claims Act Whistleblower (FCA) / Qui Tam Lawsuit?

Under the FCA, an action must be filed within the later of the following two time periods:
Six years from the date of the violation of the Act; or
Three years after the government knows or should have known about the violation, but in no event longer than ten years after the violation of the Act.

What Civil Penalties Under the Federal False Claims Act? Violators of the FCA are liable for three times the dollar amount that the government is defrauded and civil penalties of $5,000 to $10,000 for each claim. A plaintiff can receive between 15 and 30 percent of the total recovery from the defendant, whether through a favorable judgment or settlement. To be eligible to recover money under the Act, you must file a qui tam lawsuit. Informing the federal government is not enough to get a recovery. Plaintiff’s only recover money if the government recovers.

What is the process? A  whistleblower lawsuit or qui tam action must be filed in federal district court.  After the case is filed, then a copy of the complaint, along with a written disclosure statement of substantially all material evidence and information in the whistleblower’s possession, must be served on the U.S. Department of Justice and should also be served on the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the district in which the action is brought.

Additional FCA Claim and Qui Tam Lawsuit Information for Contractors

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