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We Handle Virtually All Disputes and Matters Pertaining to Federal Law For Contractors Nationwide and Overseas

Federal Government Contracts Attorney Washington DC – Over 30 years of federal government contracting experience at your disposal. When it comes to federal law for contractors, we help you to avoid costly legal mistakes commonly seen in the federal procurement industry. Our Gov contractor lawyers help small businesses and defense contractors in various procurement matters subject to the law for contractors. As Government contractor attorneys and M&A lawyers, we frequently help in ALL states and overseas.

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Watson & Associates, LLC is a boutique government contract law firm that offers experienced federal government contractor lawyers who can get to the source of the problem and develop cost-effective ways to resolve complex issues. As government contractor attorneys, we frequently help small and large businesses to get through all of the various phases of the federal procurement process.

As federal government contractor lawyers, we provide legal counsel to small businesses and large defense contractors in the United States and overseas. We help from the inception and formation of federal contracts through litigation and compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

  • As a boutique government contract law firm with offices in Washington DC and Denver, Colorado, we are geographically positioned to offer our deep government contracting experience handling bid protests, dispute litigation, contract claims and contracting officer decision appeals, suspension and debarment, Federal False Claims Act litigation, FCPA matters, Merger Acquisition and various government investigations.
  • We represent government contractors of all sizes and from various parts of the United States
  • Our Washington DC Government Contracts Group relies on the unique experiences of each government contracting attorney to resolve problems for our clients. We understand that sometimes to resolve a problem, one may need experience in several government contract law areas.
  • As federal government contracting lawyers, we provide defense in areas such as the Buy American Act, False Claims Act, SBA small business matters, and construction.

Federal Law for Contractors Overview

The federal government spends billions of dollars buying commercial services and products throughout the United States and overseas.  Doing business with the federal government requires a deep understanding of unique and complex law for contractors.  Watson & Associates’ government contracting attorneys avoid some of the costliest mistakes and to avoid pitfalls.

Some of our government contracts attorneys have worked for federal agencies and therefore are in a better position to advocate for our clients. The law firm has a deep understanding of federal procurement and small business program law for contractors and often helps companies that need help with investigations and criminal defense when charged with fraud against the government.

Our government contract attorneys offer decades of experience in several aspects of federal contract law.  The firm represents defense contractors at international locations with regulatory compliance, litigation  support, and compliance matters involving:

Our Government Contract Legal Services and Areas of Practice

  •  Bid Protests: AS government contractor lawyers, we frequently represent federal contractors in bid protests before the Court of Federal Claims (COFC), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Small Business Administration (SBA) and size protests and size appeals to SBA OHA.
  • Government Contract Disputes and Contractor Claims: Watson & Associates helps contractors to analyze, assess and prepare Contract Disputes Act (CDA) claims, and requests for equitable adjustment (REA). When the contracting officer issues an adverse decision, we handle appellate cases before the Civilian and Armed Service Boards of Contract Appeals (CBCA and ASBCA), the Court of Federal Claims and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
  • Federal False Claims Act Defense Law for Contractors :  Federal law enforcement and Inspector General (IG) offices are consistently investigating false claims cases where contractors allegedly violate certain laws. We defend and represent individuals and companies facing civil and criminal liability for False Claims Act violations. When it comes to federal government law for contractors, our legal defense team helps to aggressively fight back and to adequately protect the company’s legal rights.  
  • FAR Compliance, Contractor Ethics and Mandatory Disclosure:  Our Government Contracts lawyers work with companies to develop internal policies and controls, review and implement compliance policies and reduce ethics violations.  Our government contracts attorneys also help with small business subcontracting plans, FAR mandatory disclosure requirements and various issues that come up related to contractor ethics.
  • White Collar Crime: The law firm represents small and businesses and defense contractors across the United States and overseas. Our white collar crime lawyers understand the underlying regulations that US attorneys initiate to file criminal cases.
  • International Contracting:  Watson’s overseas government contractor lawyers also represent companies in international areas by providing government contract legal services related to Trade Agreements Act (TAA) and Buy American Act (BAA) compliance, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Procurement Integrity Act (PIA(.
  • Federal Government Investigations: Watson’s Gov contracts lawyers also represent contractors involved in government investigations. As Washington government contracts fraud lawyers, we respond to federal CID subpoenas and negotiate outcomes for our clients.  We defend companies involved in procurement fraud disputes; federal False Claims Act and Qui Tam lawsuit; Procurement Integrity Act (PIA) defense; Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA); responding to Department of Justice (DOJ), SBA OIG Inspector General (IG) subpoenas and investigations.
  • Government Contract Novation: Our government contracts lawyers offer legal representation to companies involved with the government contract novation process under FAR 42.
  • Contingency Contracting:  Overseas federal procurement sometimes operates under a different set of rules. We often work with overseas contractors in Afghanistan, Dubai, Iraq, Turkey and Saudi Arabia..
  • Government Contract Small Business Law for Contractors : At Watson, we frequently represent clients in SBA. small business size protests and appeals to the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals (SBA OHA). We also represent firms involved in service-disabled-veteran-owned small business programs (SDVOSB); Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) Program and SBA 8(a) BD Program. We also help in areas such as contractor teaming agreements, Mentor Protégé and joint ventures.
  • Suspension and Debarment: Our government contractor lawyers help individuals and companies facing actual or potential suspension and debarment. We help respond to show cause notices, and cure notices. Our suspension debarment lawyers respond to notices and negotiate agreements with suspension and debarment officials (SDO).
  • Contract Terminations and Appeals: When the contracting officer issues a termination for default or convenience, sometimes the decision violates procurement law. We help small businesses and large contractors to analyze, litigate and appeal improper default terminations and termination for convenience cases.
  • Tribal Super 8(a) and Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) Contractors: our Government contracts white collar crime lawyers help small businesses to comply with the unique SBA regulations that regulate Native American contracting. Our government contract attorneys help by developing internal policies and controls to promote compliance. We also help ANC and tribal 8(a) companies at the Office of Hearings and Appeals and white-collar government investigations by the SBA’s Office of Inspector General. 

Industry Groups

With over four decades of government contracting experience, the Watson federal government contracts attorneys provide legal counsel in various industry groups including:

  • Aviation
  • Construction, Architecture and Engineering (A&E)
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications and Information Systems
  • Intelligence Community Contractors
  • Healthcare contractors
  • Homeland Security
  • Logistics and Troop Support
  • Manufacturing and Products
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation 

Cost-effective Legal Solutions

When it comes to government law for contractors, Watson’s Government contract lawyers provide reliable and direct legal advice to company heads and CEOs who want straight talk and a firm that can think outside the box. Our goal is to resolve procurement problems short of litigation. However, we do not take shortcuts. If we have to fight in court aggressively, we can. However, that is not our first plan of attack.  We also help with mergers and acquisitions for companies that have federal contracts, white-collar crime and criminal defense, government investigations, False Claims Act (FCA), Buy American Act (BAA Compliance), litigation and appeals.

Contact Our Washington DC Government Contract Lawyers

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