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Washington DC Top SBA bid protest lawyersWe are SBA Bid Protest Attorneys: Championing Your Rights with Aggressive Advocacy With the Goal of Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes.
When it comes to SBA bid protests and size determinations, entrusting your legal matters to experienced and knowledgeable attorneys is paramount.
Our team of SBA bid protest lawyers specializes in navigating the complexities of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) regulations, ensuring your business is safeguarded against adverse decisions.
With a proven track record of success, we take an aggressive approach, whether as size protest intervenor attorneys or when filing a size protest, to protect your interests. We are committed to helping small businesses avoid costly legal mistakes while pursuing favorable outcomes.

Timeline to File a Size Protest

Understanding the timeline to file a size protest is crucial for preserving your business interests. Anyone other than the agency contracting officer who wants to file a size protest has 5 business days after unsuccessful bidders are notified. They must deliver the written protest to the contracting officer in person, by mail, email, or fax. Our SBA bid protest attorneys are well-versed in the SBA bid protest process, ensuring prompt action within the prescribed time limits. By acting swiftly and decisively, we help you maintain a strong position in the procurement process and maximize your chances of success.

Information Required in an SBA Bid Protest

A well-crafted SBA bid protest demands meticulous attention to detail. Our government contract bid protest attorneys guide you through the process, ensuring your protest includes all the necessary information. To avoid dismissal, your SBA bid protest should encompass a clear statement of the grounds for protest, supported by compelling evidence, persuasive legal arguments, and references to relevant regulations or precedent cases.
The protest shall be in writing and shall contain the basis for the protest with specific, detailed evidence to support your allegation that the company is not small. The SBA will dismiss any size protest that does not contain specific grounds for the protest.
Our experienced legal team possesses an in-depth understanding of SBA regulations, enabling us to compile a comprehensive and persuasive small business status protest on your behalf.

What Happens After the SBA Receives a Small Business Bid Protest Under 13 CFR 121.1008 ?

SBA government contract attorneysSBA will provide a copy of the protest to the protested concern together with SBA Form 355, Application for Small Business Size Determination, by certified mail, return receipt requested, or by any overnight delivery service that provides proof of receipt. SBA will ask the protested small business to complete the form and respond to the allegations in the protest.

Once the SBA receives a small business bid protest, it will review the request and notify both parties of its decision. If the protest is resolved in your favor, the contracting officer must re-evaluate offers and make a new award to your company. The timeline for processing small business bid protests varies based on a variety of factors.  The SBA area office will make a small business size determination in approximately 15 business days of receiving the protest.If the SBA determines that the protested business is small, or dismisses the protest, you may award the contract. If the SBA determines that the winning business is not small, the business is not eligible for that contract. The ineligible business can’t become eligible for the contract by reducing its size after the SBA’s determination.

Timeline for SBA to Make a Size Determination
Once a size protest is filed, it is important to be aware of the timeline for the SBA to make a size determination. While the timeframe may vary, the SBA typically aims to render a decision within 15 business days. However, certain circumstances may warrant an extension. Throughout the process, our attorneys closely monitor the proceedings, provide regular updates, and ensure your rights are protected.

Defending SBA Bid Protests

The first approach to defending or intervening in a small business size status protest is completely fill out the SBA form 355. Failure to fully complete this form can allow the SBA to impose the adverse inference rule. At Watson & Associates, we understand that the SBA can find affiliation under 13 CFR 121.103  and rule against you by examining something that the protester did not allege.  This can catch companies off guard.

Avoiding Dismissal of SBA Bid Protests

Preventing the dismissal of your SBA bid protest is crucial for achieving a favorable outcome. Our small business status protest attorneys understand the procedural requirements and potential pitfalls that could lead to dismissal.
To avoid dismissal of an SBA-size protest, certain requirements must be met. Our attorneys will guide you through this process, ensuring all necessary elements are included. Key aspects to consider include providing a clear statement of the grounds for the size protest, evidence supporting your claims, proper adherence to regulatory guidelines, and addressing any potential procedural issues. By diligently meeting these requirements, we bolster the strength of your size protest, reducing the risk of dismissal and increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.
You can avoid getting your protest dismissed by:
  • avoid speculative allegations
  • making sure that you have legal standing to file the protest and can show some level of prejudice
  • making sure that you were not deemed ineligible for award for reasons other than size
  • providing merit and evidence to support the allegations in the bid protest
We conduct a thorough review of your case, ensuring all necessary documentation is included and adhering to strict filing deadlines. By leveraging our expertise, you can navigate the bid protest process seamlessly and significantly minimize the risk of dismissal, thereby increasing your chances of success.

Favorable Results for Our Clients

Our law firm takes pride in delivering favorable results for our clients. Through meticulous preparation, comprehensive analysis, and persuasive advocacy, we have successfully helped numerous small businesses overcome adverse decisions. Our clients trust our law firm to provide them with the legal guidance and representation they need to navigate the complexities of SBA bid protests and size determinations effectively.

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