Government Contracting Fraud Lawyers & Federal Investigation Attorneys

Defending against allegations or criminal charges of government contracting fraud can have a crippling effect on corporate executives or companies as a whole. Agencies such as the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Small Business Administration (SBA), Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), and General Services Administration (GSA) have all recently increased their scrutiny over federal contractors and small businesses.

Government Contract Fraud & Federal Investigations Lawyers

 Having a government procurement attorney that understands the underlying regulations while being able to protect your constitutional and legal rights often plays well at the beginning of government investigations. This is true because when the federal prosecutors and Inspector General’s Office (IG) start to pursue criminal and civil charges, they need to appreciate that you have legal representation from a law firm that understands the rules.

With law offices in Washington, DC and in Denver, Colorado, the government contracting fraud attorneys at Watson & Associates are uniquely positioned to help small businesses and larger federal contractors throughout the United States to withstand the impact seen when criminal charges and civil fines are imposed.

Government Procurement Attorneys Helping From the Initial Stages All the Way Through Litigation of Contract Fraud Cases

We help clients to handle government procurement fraud matters at the bidding, negotiation and contract performance stages. When contractors are alleged to have submitted false invoices to the government, our procurement fraud defense lawyers develop a team of professionals that will explore all options, deploy an aggressive defense on your behalf and stay onboard from the government investigation stage all the way through indictment or litigation.

  • We serve as outside counsel for local criminal defense attorneys involved in federal government contract fraud cases
  • We help with subpoenas and requests for documents
  • We represent small businesses involved with HUBZone, SBA 8(a) or SDVOSB government contract fraud cases.

Progress Payment Fraud

As government contract lawyers, we represent small businesses and large federal contractors accused or investigated for progress payment fraud. These types of cases may occur when companies fraudulently certify or represent to the government that they must be reimbursed for incurred costs when there are no such costs or the contractor falsely certifies that there are no encumbrances that will prevent payment from the government. See information about Qui Tam Relators.

Government Procurement Fraud for Nonconforming Materials

As government contract fraud attorneys, we also help federal contractors implement fraudulent documents with intent to get paid for performance where the materials do not meet the contract specifications.  We help during the government investigation stages for construction and service contracts.

Government Contract Fraud for Cost Mischarging or Defective Pricing

At Watson & Associates, our government contracting fraud defense lawyers also represent contractors for mischarging the government for costs not allowable under the contractor, or in some situations when the contractor mischarges the agency for costs related to a different contract. These are all potential cases for criminal liability to attach. Overcharges to the government is also part of contract fraud charges sought by the IG, DOJ or some other federal law enforcement agency.

SBA Small Business Program Fraud ( HUBZone and 8(a) BD Program)

Small businesses are often targeted for government contract fraud and made subject to federal investigations. Watson’s procurement lawyers are well-versed in the various SBA regulations and FAR rules that govern the HUBZone Program and 8(a) BD programs.

When the federal initiates aggressive approaches to small businesses for contract fraud, our lawyers step in and aggressively defend or negotiate more favorable results for our clients.

See How to Defend Qui Tam and False Claims Act charges that Involve Government Contracts

SDVOSB Government Contract Fraud & Federal Investigation Lawyers

When the Veteran’s Administration (VA) initiates government contract fraud cases against small businesses, our procurement fraud and federal investigation lawyers help to mitigate adverse impacts and help companies aggressively defend against false charges for defective pricing, False Claims Act violations, pass-through contracts, limitations on subcontracting violations and more allegations of SDVOSB fraud.

DOJ SBA and OIG Investigations Lawyers

Usually, when the contracting officer suspects fraud under the contract, he or she must refer the matter to the respective federal law enforcement agency. This could be the Inspector General (OIG) Office or some other federal agency. If you are involved in an SBA OIG or VA OIG investigation, give our government investigation lawyers a call right away. See information about False Claims Act and defending those cases for contractors.

Watson & Associates’ government contractor fraud lawyers also help clients during the initial investigation stages, suspension and debarment, through indictment in civil and federal criminal investigations, and all the way through trial.

We help to Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes

At the end of the day, government contractors can save immense amounts of time, money, and resources if they take the right approach and put the right legal team together. When government launches a fraud investigation or criminal case for procurement fraud, it has unlimited resources.

At Watson, our goal is to effectively plan for a defense that avoids common mistakes such as failure to disclose, not acting in good faith with federal agents, but also not waiving rights or providing incriminating information to the federal government. The law firm represents clients from beginning to end.

Formation of Aggressive Defense Team of Contracting Fraud Lawyers

In order to aggressively defend against government contract fraud charges or allegations, companies invest in criminal defense lawyers and local counsel.

However, at Watson, we realize that not all criminal defense attorneys understand government contract laws and federal procurement requirements. As such, we form a sound legal team that fulfills the required roles and form a defense team that understands the specific substantive areas in question.

This way clients are not paying for local attorneys to learn about the complex federal procurement rules.

 Avoid Waiving Attorney-Client Privilege in Government Contract Fraud Cases

When the government launches an investigation, it may often require meetings, issue a subpoena for documents or ask you to present yourself for questioning. One of the important aspects of defending against any type of government contracting fraud case is to avoid waiving attorney-client privilege or waiving any constitutional right you have.

  • You can very easily waive attorney-client privilege based on what you communicate to third parties. These are areas that our government fraud attorneys can assist you with.

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