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Watson & Associates, LLC provides aggressive government contracts and small business attorneys to help contractors through their experiences with the Veteran’s Administration (VA). Many washington dc va government contracts and SDVOSB lawyerssmall businesses find the procurement process to be very confusing to say the least. When it comes to VA contracts, our attorneys understand the process and can help in a variety of areas to include assistance with the Veteran’s First Contracting Program, challenges to a company’s small business size status, SDVOSB status, government contract claims, contract disputes and appeals or any legal advice regarding the Contract Disputes Act.

VA Contracts and SDVOSB Disputes

As government contract attorneys we help contractors to express their concerns to the VA and other federal procurement agencies. We also help with issues related to SDVOSB applications to the VA Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE.)

When small businesses experience a challenge in the SDVOSB status, our VA contracts attorneys help with bid protests and litigation regarding business control issues, affiliation and other disputes that can severely impact the outcome of a contract award.

VA Contracts and SDOVSB False Claims Act Investigations

Small businesses often find themselves involved with government procurement investigations regarding awards, SDVOSB status or size stand challenges. Sometimes the VA may report concerns to the Inspector General (IG). That office will more than likely launch a government investigation. At Watson & Associates, LLC the law firm helps clients with SDVOSB fraud cases, and government VA contracts investigations for various alleged criminal and civil violations such as False Claims Act and Kickback Act statutes.

Oftentimes, small businesses are alleged to have violated the business control regulations as dictated by the SBA. These types of cases can be challenging. If you seek experienced VA contract lawyers, give us a call today at 1.866.601.5518.

Government Contract Claims, Disputes and Appeals

When small businesses and large contracts experience problems with requests for equitable adjustments, suspension and debarments, or some other adverse contracting officer final decision, our VA government contract lawyers can represent SDVOSB businesses on appeal to the Court of Federal Claims, Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, Civil Board of Contract Appeals and more.

Legal Services

AS VA contracts lawyers, we provide a wide variety of legal services to companies nationwide to include Washington DC, MD, VA and CO.  We help with mostly the below areas:

VA government contracts Attorney Jo Spence VA SDVOSB Government Contracts AttorneyDepartment VA Contracts Lead Attorney: Jo Spence.

If you are a small business and seeking legal help from experienced SDVOSB attorneys, contact Watson & Associates’ government contract lawyers for immediate help.

VA SDVOSB Status and Bid Protests for SDVOSB Set Asides

For your company to be considered an eligible SDVOSB and to be able to bid on government contracts, your organization must be a small business that is unconditionally owned and controlled by one or more service-disabled veterans. See 38 CFRR.  74.2(a); 13 CFR 125.12 and 125.13; See also  CVE Protest of Blue Cord Design and Constr., LLC, SBA No. CVE-100-P (2018).  If you are challenging the agency’s SDVOSB set aside decision, you want to make sure that you have the proper legal standing to file a bid protest lawsuit.

In addition to the ownership requirements and to be an eligible SDVOSB, one or more service-disabled veterans must control both the long-term decision-making and the day-to-day management of the business. See 38 CFR 74.4(a); 13CFR 125.13(a). In addition, a service-disabled veteran must hold the highest officer position in the concern and must have managerial
experience of the extent and complexity needed to run the concern. 38 CFR  74.4(c); 13 CFR 125.13(b). See information about the Runway Extension Act.

Further, if your business entity is a corporation, then one or more service-disabled veterans must control its board of directors. 38 CFR 74.4(f); 13 CFR 125.13(e). These are all matters that our VA contracts attorneys can help with.

What is 38 CFR 74.4?

One of the issues that can arise during an SDVOSB bid protest case or a procurement fraud investigation of a service-disabled veteran company is who is in control of the small business. 38 CFR 74.4 can be the underlying statute that controls the outcome. The Veteran must be in control at all times. These are fact-based cases. Individuals or companies facing procurement fraud and False Claims Act criminal or civil cases that alleged lack of control can call us for immediate representation. SDVOSB Business Control is determined in accordance with 13 CFR part 125. However, When limited to SDVOSBs, CVE applies the same control criteria to firms seeking verified VOSB status.

SDVOSB Fraud Cases

If you find that your company is under federal investigation for SDVOSB fraud against the government, our small business attorneys can represent you from the initial investigation stage all the way through indictment and criminal litigation.  Our lead procurement fraud attorney, Theodore Watson, frequently handles many complex issues regarding SDVOSB fraud and regulations governing federal contract small business programs.

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